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Faculty - Knowing God

One of the great joys of Christian education is that we present Christ and his worldview to our students all the time. As our students proceed into their HSC years we teach English, Science, History, Health and more through the Christian lens. We see how the Christian worldview is compelling, how it makes sense of the world. We encourage our students to know God more in every aspect of school life, as we look at the world through knowing him.

Yet, as people who wear glasses know, sometimes we need to look at the lens itself. Sometimes they just need a little clean. Sometimes we need a brand-new prescription. Knowing God classes are one place that we look at the lens. We look at Christ as he is revealed in God’s word. We focus on him as he reveals the Father to us by the ministry of his Spirit. We consider our worldviews and why we see the world the way that we do. We consider Christ, and his call to follow him, to know him, to know true life.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Knowing God Coordinator - Mr Jason Marriott


Is this an elective?

No. Knowing God is foundational to understanding creation and our place in it. We continue to prioritise spending time examining the scriptures and growing in our trust in God in senior years. In Year 12 there are currently electives within Knowing God, but the subject itself is compulsory.

How many periods a week do they do this for?

 Knowing God continues to be one (1) period a week in senior years.

​Does this count towards an ATAR?

No. Knowing God is not a NESA or HSC subject.

​Are there any assessments or exams for Knowing God?

Knowing God does not, generally, have formal assessment such as exams. Instead, we assess informally, through discussion and written expression in class. The one exception to this is that one of the electives students can choose in Year 12 has an exam, as part of a formal Preliminary Theological Certificate.

​My child does Studies of Religion – isn’t this the same thing?

No. Studies of religion is a subject that focuses on the sociology, anthropology and history of different religions. It is a useful course that allows students to engage with these elements of Christianity and other religions. However, the mechanism of engagement in the Studies of Religion course is not one of trusting God as he reveals himself in his word. Rather, it is in coming to understand Christian religious practice through societal, human and historical influences. Knowing God and Studies of Religion are, therefore, valuable though distinct areas of study.