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Course - Modern History

The Preliminary course provides students with opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of methods and issues involved in the investigation of modern history. Students have the opportunity to engage in the study of a range of people, ideas, movements, events and developments that have shaped the modern world. The HSC course provides students with opportunities to apply their understanding of sources and relevant issues in the investigation of the modern world. Through a core study, students investigate the nature of power and authority 1919-1946. They also study key features in the history of one nation, one study in peace and conflict and one study of changes in the modern world.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Should I take HSC Modern History?

If you are passionate about history, learning about the world, and current affairs, then HSC Modern History is definitely for you! HSC Modern History builds on skills and themes introduced in Year 10 history, except now, it explores the history and processes of change in other countries, rather than focusing on Australia. 

So, if you enjoyed Year 10 history, you will most likely enjoy HSC Modern History! 

Studying HSC Modern History will offer you deeper insights on how people and events in the past have helped to shape today’s modern world. As a bonus, if you are looking into studying arts, history or law at university, studying HSC Modern History will get you ready for this venture!

What is scaling like for HSC Modern History and will it matter?

This is one of the top questions students have about taking HSC Modern History as scaling is the first thing many students think about when picking subjects for the HSC! But you are in here for a surprise… Modern History is actually the 3rd highest scaling HSIE subject (after Economics and History Extension of course!).

However, you should not be basing your subject decisions on scaling alone. In fact, scaling should be the last thing to consider when choosing your subjects. If you are interested in HSC Modern History and think you will enjoy learning about it, then choose it as a Year 11 and 12 subject!

If you have further questions, please contact:
HSIE Coordinator - Mr Anthony Pollard