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Course - Drama

Students learn the practices of making, performing and critically studying in Drama. Students engage with these components through collaborative and individual experiences.

Preliminary course
The Prelimiary course comprises of an interaction between the components of improvisation, playbuilding and acting, elements of production in performance and theatrical traditions and performance styles. Learning is experiential in these areas.

HSC course
The HSC Course comprises of:

  • Studies in Australian Drama and Theatre (core content) and Studies in Drama and Theatre. Both topics involve theoretical study through practical exploration of themes, issues, styles and movement of traditions of theatre exploring relevant acting techniques, performance styles and spaces. This is studied within the relevant cultural, social, political, personal and artistic contexts of the plays.
  • A Group Performance of between 3 and 6 students involving creating a piece of original theatre (8 to 12 minutes duration). It provides an opportunity for each student to demonstrate their performance skills.
  • Individual Project where students demonstrate their expertise in a particular area. They choose one project from critical analysis, design, performance, script-writing or video drama.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Do we get to see plays?

We experience four plays. This means that we read them, perform key scenes from them and yes, if it is possible, we see live performances of them.

What topics do we study?

We study ‘Australian Contemporary Theatre’- which means we look at two plays, about Australian issues, from the past 20 years.

We also study ‘Significant Plays of the 20th Century’ which includes an American and an English play that have been very influential in the Theatre world.

What major works do I need do for the HSC?

Everyone is involved in a Group Project and then can choose an independent elective from:

Monologue, Script Writing, Design (Costume, Lighting, Promotions, Set), Video Drama or Critical Analysis (Director’s Folio, Theatre Criticism, Applied Research).

When are the HSC performance exams?

These take place in August/September each year.

What are the learning areas for Drama?

The learning areas are Making, Performing and Critically Studying.

What are the percentages between the Learning Areas for assessment weightings?
  • Making Drama is assessed at 40%
  • Performing Drama is assessed at 30%
  • Critically Studying Drama is assessed at 30%
Is Drama scaled down?

No. Talented and diligent Drama students can do very well in this subject if they are passionate and prepared! 

When are the HSC Written Exams?

The written exam of 90 minutes takes place in November. Drama students write TWO essays, based on their experiences of the FOUR Plays studied.

Do I have to do a solo performance?

You will have to do a monologue for assessment in Year 11, however, you do not have to perform one for the HSC.

Do I have to do a group project?

Group work is VERY important in Drama and you will need to be able to devise group plays throughout the Year 11 and Year 12 courses. 

If you have further questions, please contact:
Creative Arts Coordinator - Mrs Nicole Conway