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Course - Dance

Preliminary course
Students undertake a study of dance as an art form. There is an equal emphasis on the components of Performance, Composition and Appreciation in the study of dance. Students studying dance bring with them a wide range of prior dance experience. Physical training and preparation of the body is fundamental and of paramount importance to the course, and informs all three components of the course.

HSC course
Students continue common study in the three course components of performance, composition and appreciation and also undertake an in-depth study of dance in one of the major study components, either performance, composition, appreciation or dance and technology.

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Do I need to be having technique lessons at a dance school?

It is VERY STRONGLY encouraged that you do. It is paramount to maintain technique and stamina in order to perform Dance for the HSC. You can take classes with the Dance Academy at Covenant. 

What do I wear to class?

Black ¾ tights and leotard/t shirt for girls and black dance pants/t shirt for boys. Black split sole jazz shoes.

Do I need to purchase anything for Dance Class?

See above if you don’t already own those items.

What styles of dance can I perform for the HSC?

Core technique is based on classical ballet and modern styles. For your Major Work you are able to perform any style/genre of dance, e.g. We have had students perform Tap to Contemporary and Ballet.

What topics do we study?

Technique, Body skills, Safe dance Practice, International and Australian Choreographers and their works (e.g. Bangarra and Frances Rings), Composition process, and devices choreographers can use to show contrast and variation. Analyse and critique particular dance works. Focus on Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander dance and “Dance” as an art form and from a Christian Perspective.

When are the HSC performance exams?

These take place in August each year.

What are the learning areas for Dance?

Performance, Composition and Appreciation.

What are the percentages between the Learning Areas for assessment weightings?

Year 11 Assessment: 

  • Performance 40%    
  • Composition 30%    
  • Appreciation 30%

Year 12 Internal and External Assessments/HSC exams: 

  • Performance 20%    
  • Composition 20%    
  • Appreciation 20% 
  • Major Work 40 %
What excursions might we attend?

Sydney Dance Company or Bangarra to watch live performances. The HSC Call back Performances and workshops.

Students are expected to be involved with either the school musical or dance eisteddfod program and perform in the school’s Evening of Dance. 

When are Stage 6 dance classes on?

Year 11 and 12 classes may be held before or after school.

How does a Christian perspective fit in?

The dance curriculum at Covenant is taught from a Christian perspective. It shapes our movement, music and costume choices. We use our creative abilities gifts and talents to glorify God and grow in our relationship with him.

Dance has been an integral component of every known culture and we are fortunate to offer Dance as an elective at Covenant.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Creative Arts Coordinator - Mrs Nicole Conway