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Flexible Learning Guide

A wealth of information for parents and students as we recommence home-based flexible learning.


Dance is available to students from Prep to Year 12 and caters for curricular (Stage 5, Preliminary and HSC), co-curricular (school sport eisteddfod troupes) and extra-curricular dance (after-school classes). 

Dance classes are held in a variety of spaces around the school, with most in the air-conditioned School Hall or Performing Arts Space.

Dance is taught at Covenant in a culturally engaging, encouraging and Christ-centred atmosphere. We are deliberately counter-cultural in the selection of age appropriate music, choreography and costuming. Students may work towards performing in dance concerts, assemblies and school events. 

Extra-curricular dance is offered through the Covenant Dance Academy with classes, for all age groups, conveniently taking place on-site after school. 

At Covenant, Dance is offered as an elective subject for Stage 5 (Years 9-10), Preliminary course (Year 11) and the Higher School Certificate (Year 12).

Students electing to study Dance for Stage 5 will engage in an integrated study of:

  • the practices of Performance, Composition and Appreciation
  • the Elements of Dance (space, time and dynamics)
  • the context of dance as an art form.

Students will gain an understanding of dance as an art-form, demonstrated in the making and performing of dances and the appreciation of their meaning. They will develop the dance technique required to perform choreographed combinations, sequences and dances of increasing complexity. 

Students electing to study Dance for the Preliminary course (Year 11) will undertake a study of dance as an art-form, with equal emphasis on the components of Performance, Composition and Appreciation. 

In the HSC course (Year 12), in addition to the continued study of Performance, Composition and Appreciation, students will also undertake an in-depth study of dance in either performance, composition, appreciation, or dance and technology. 

As part of the sporting opportunities at Covenant, students in Primary and Secondary School have the opportunity to pursue dance. 

Students involved in co-curricular dance have the opportunity to perform at a number of events throughout the year including:

  • a variety of competitions across Sydney as part of a school Eisteddfod troupe
  • Junior and Secondary School musicals
  • the school's annual Dance Night
  • Covenant Dance Academy end of year concert
  • School assemblies.