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Flexible Learning Guide

View the Flexible Learning Guide created to assist parents and students in this time of home-based learning.


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Information for Parents

The information on this page is designed specifically for parents. Please ensure you also read the 'For Students' page with your child, as this will further assist you as we make this transition to flexible learning.

What you will find on this page:

  1. A Message from the Principal
  2. Parent partnership in flexible learning
  3. Education Support
  4. The role of teachers in flexible learning
  5. Supervision of online learning

You will also find links to important pages below.

A Message from the Principal 

I would like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for the parents at Covenant. It is a privilege to be working in partnership with you, both when your children are learning onsite, and when they are learning at home with you.

I hope you find the resources provided here helpful. Please be assured that the school does not expect learning at home to replicate the classroom environment. However, the staff team have been working hard over the past weeks to provide well for students during this period, and will continue to do so. We are here to help our students and support our parents however we can.

You will note that while the majority of instructions will be communicated online (via Canvas), not all learning will be done on a device. This is intentional. We are as keen as you are to allow students to have a break away from screens throughout the day.

We also recognise that not all students have access to an individual device, so we will provide learning materials for both online learning and the use of more traditional methods (pen and paper, textbooks, workbooks, texts and so on).

Learning at home

For many students, remote learning is a wonderful opportunity for autonomous, self-directed learning. Many children thrive in these circumstances, enjoying the occasion to craft their own learning and work at an individual pace.

Parents also have the opportunity to engage more deeply in their child’s learning, strengthening relationships within the family unit and the ongoing partnership between home and school. There will also be opportunities for ongoing engagement with teaching staff during this time.

I would encourage our students to show dedication to their work and faithfulness in their study efforts. I would also point you to the many school and other services available to support you while you learn in this season.

Mrs Melissa Brown

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Parent partnership in flexible learning

As we work together in flexible learning, we would ask you to be mindful of the following as we work together to meet the learning needs of our students:  

  • Be aware of the expectations the teachers have of your children. These will be different depending upon their stage in the school.
  • As far as possible, provide the appropriate resources to enable your children to be able to work and complete learning tasks. 
  • Observe the communication patterns/routines established by the teachers. 
  • Be flexible with your expectations of the time that it takes for your children to get through the work. Class lessons involve significant amounts of discussion and concept development that may not be replicated in your home environment.  
  • Provide children with expectations about their day to day timetable. 
  • Be aware of the school’s ICT policy and seek to support this in your home. Students are expected to operate within the Student Code of Conduct when they are learning at home. This includes that students should be kind and respectful when commenting or communicating online, and they should not attempt to access websites or content which is harmful, hurtful, profane, or otherwise inappropriate. 

Please let the school know if you have any concerns about your child’s learning, and for students who are able, encourage your child to seek assistance when needed via Canvas.

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Education Support

Individual assistance will be provided to students with special needs. If you have any concerns, or would like further information, please contact the relevant staff member via the Office:

  • Sally Rofe or Tim Hewitt (Secondary School)
  • Lynne Butler or Wayne Morton (Junior School) 

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The role of teachers in flexible learning

Covenant teaching staff are always committed to delivering a high quality and engaging Christian curriculum. When this curriculum is delivered to students at home, this will continue, with the following day-to-day support from teachers. 

Teachers will: 

  • Set work for students. For most students this will be via Canvas, but in younger years (K-2) parents will be given guidance directly by teachers.
  • Communicate with students regarding any questions which might arise. 
  • Respond to learning tasks which are set, in a timely manner. Sometimes, this will be acknowledgement, sometime feedback (perhaps in the form of annotation or comment), and sometimes formal marking.
  • Communicate with parents and students as needed, between 8.45am and 4.30pm. 
  • Encourage the students to be motivated to learn and communicate with the teacher.   
  • Our staff understand and are committed to all the school’s usual policies, procedures and codes of conduct, including how they apply at this time. 

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Supervision of flexible learning 

We are very grateful for the privilege of online technology and communications. These are a wonderful additional blessing to us at this time. However, in a fallen world we recognise that this blessing can come with some disadvantages and dangers. 

Support and advice for parents to guide them in protecting their children online is available on the school’s website

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