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Course - Spanish

At Covenant Christian School, we believe that language is a gift from God, and learning to extend our communication and thinking skills provides students with the opportunity to connect with other cultures, to serve others and to understand more of God’s creation.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the official language of 21 countries, as well as one of the languages of both the United Nations and the European Union. Spanish, English and other European languages share a common linguistic link with Latin. 

Spanish is widely spoken in the Australian community and so there is a real opportunity to use the language and to serve others by doing so. Learning another language, whether Spanish or Japanese, gives students the opportunity to realise the diversity of the world and their place in the global community. 

The aim of the Spanish syllabus is to enable students to develop communication skills, focus on language systems and to gain insights into the relationship between language and culture. 

Students use language for communicative purposes by: 

  • interacting – exchanging information, ideas and opinions, and socialising, planning and negotiating
  • accessing and responding – obtaining, processing and responding to information through a range of spoken, written, digital and/or multimodal texts
  • composing – creating spoken, written, bilingual, digital and/or multimodal texts.

Students analyse and understand language and culture by: 

  • systems of language – understanding the language system including sound, writing, grammar and text structure; and how language changes over time and place
  • the role of language and culture – understanding and reflecting on the role of language and culture in the exchange of meaning and considering how interaction shapes communication and identity.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Can I study this language for my HSC?

Yes - you can continue your study of languages right through to Year 12. You would study a Continuers Course.

Are language classes large?

Usually they are not large so you have plenty of teacher time!

Do you have to write an essay in the new language?

No - you will learn to write emails, letters, diaries and scripts - but not essays!

Why does Covenant offer Japanese and Spanish?

Our teachers are able to teach these languages and we think one European language and one Asian language is a good balance.

Who can I ask about languages?

Mrs Glassock, and Mr Richardson - the teacher.

If you have further questions, please contact:
LOTE Coordinator - Mrs Samantha Glassock