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Course - Maths

Mathematics comprises three courses within a continuum, unlike other compulsory subjects, therefore the following information has been included. Mathematics in Years 9 and 10 provides students with knowledge, skills and understanding in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Students will have the opportunity to see the beauty and order in God’s creation through mathematics.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


How do I know which substage I will be studying in Year 9 and 10?

Your teacher will communicate this with you toward the end of this year.

Do I get to choose the substage/s I study in Year 9 and 10?

No. We will allocate you to a class based on your teacher’s recommendation and your progress, effort and application in Year 8. You will be placed in a class where you will learn content that will challenge you and where you will also achieve success.

I want to study Advanced Mathematics in Year 11 and 12. How can I do this?

It starts now! You will need to apply yourself diligently in Mathematics and ensure you have a deep understanding of Year 7 and 8 Maths.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Mathematics Coordinator - Mrs Natalie Zinsli