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Flexible Learning Guide

A wealth of information for parents and students as we recommence home-based flexible learning.

Course - Information & Software Technology

At Covenant Christian School, Information & Software Technology involves the application of creative gifts to solve problems and develop solutions with the use of computer-based technologies. Students are encouraged to recognise the authority of the gospel when interacting with, and using, technology.

The course covers Information Communications and Technology (ICT) skills such as: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, multimedia/presentations, graphics, electronic communications and research, hardware and software management, programming, and robotics.

The course covers a range of Core Content and Options that are taught in an integrated way. Some of the projects
that students may undertake are briefly described below.

Students will:

  • build LEGO robots 
  • learn how to program using languages such as Python
  • experience a range of computer hardware such as Microbit and Arduino boards. Students will write code, upload it to the microcontroller which runs the code, interacting with inputs and outputs such as sensors and lights. 
  • find themselves developing apps for an interactive multimedia project that motivates people into action for a particular worthwhile non-profit organisation
  • explore the world of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality participating in the joint development of a school tour or something similar 
  • consider the advantages of networking systems.

Each of these topics will include consideration of the biblical framework which underpins the use of digital technology. Students will be encouraged to examine how their own use of technology is shaping their worldview. The concept of Digital Discipleship is taught to the students.

The course has been designed to be relevant to all students and requires no previous knowledge or experience. It includes a mixture of ‘hands-on’ practical work with every student having access to their own computer in class, as well as some theory components.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


What is the course about?

There are no prerequisites for the study of Information and Software Technology. It is an elective course which builds upon the knowledge, skills and experiences developed in the Year 7 and 8 Technology course.  This course integrates the study of core content within the context of options delivered through projects.

What projects will we do?

Year 9 projects (may change depending on class and resources):

  • Robotics and Automated Systems – Students learn about robotics through the use of LEGO EV3 Mindstorms and participate in the RoboCup competition.
  • Software Development and Programming – Students participate in a competition run by Sydney University where they learn to program using the popular programming language, Python.
  • Authoring and Multimedia - Develop a mobile phone app

Year 10 projects (may change depending on class and resources):

  • Hardware and Software Development and Programming – Students work with a client to create an Augmented Reality school tour.
  • Internet and Website Development – Students work with a client to develop a website written in HTML.
  • Digital Media - Students build a game for a client.
Do I need to be able to code to study this course?

It is not a requirement to be able to code for this course however, I would recommend a strong interest in learning to code.

If you have further questions, please contact:
TAS Coordinator - Mr Nick Williams