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Flexible Learning Guide

A wealth of information for parents and students as we recommence home-based flexible learning.

Course - Drama

Drama is a Creative Arts course that involves an exploration of experiences and situations through enactment. The desire and ability to create and to communicate comes from God who gives us these talents and gifts to glorify him.

Drama is an art form with a discrete body of knowledge including conventions, history, skills and methods of working. It is an integral part of our society, fostering an understanding of community and change and the connections between different times and cultures. It provides an opportunity to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs including the diverse values of Australian culture.

The individual student will learn to value group work as the basic element of Drama. This is an understanding in accordance with God’s building of a community of His people, a unified body under the headship of Christ.

Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills, individually and collaboratively through:

  • making drama that explores a range of imagined and created situations in a collaborative drama and theatre environment
  • performing devised and scripted drama using a variety of performance techniques, dramatic forms and theatrical conventions to engage an audience
  • appreciating the meaning and function of drama in reflecting the personal, social, cultural, aesthetic and political aspects of the human experience.


Students will engage in an integrated study

  • of the elements of Drama
  • through the practices of making, forming and appreciating
  • within the context of a range of dramatic forms, performance styles and their dramatic techniques and theatrical conventions.

Year 9 focus areas

Essential content (first 100 indicative hours): students engage in an integrated study of dramatic elements through the practices within the context of play building and at least one other dramatic form or performance style. 

Year 10 focus areas

Additional Content (courses 200 hours and beyond): for each additional 100 indicative hours of Drama, students are provided with opportunities to explore aspects of drama in greater depth by engaging in an integrated study of the elements through dramatic practices within the context of play building and at least two other dramatic forms or performance styles.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


What do we do in Drama?

We begin with Improvisation. These games and activities teach us skills that we will use over the next few years of Drama. Listening, team-work, collaborating, thinking on our feet and being open to ideas - these are just some of the benefits we gain when doing Drama exercises.

Is Drama just playing games?

No. We experience several forms of Drama over the two years - Puppetry, Commedia Del Arte, Greek Theatre and Political Theatre are a few of the styles that we study and perform.

Do I have to do a monologue?

All the assignments in Year 9 and most of Year 10 are Group Performances. In Year 10 we study Realism and perform a monologue. 

Do I have to perform in front of people?

Yes, but only when we are ready. We rehearse in class, in groups, give and receive feedback and grow in confidence until we are ready to show to parents and peers.

Do we do exams?

In Year 9 we do a written exam at the end of the year that covers all the forms of theatre that we have studied. 

In Year 10 we do a half-yearly and a yearly exam.

What is a logbook?

A logbook is an exercise book where we take down notes, make observations and reflections on the activities we do. It is a place to record the progress and process of any group work that you are involved in. It is handed in and marked twice a term.

What do we wear?

It is important to feel comfortable when doing physical and expressive work. Girls are encouraged to bring leggings to slip on for Drama classes. Theatre blacks are required for performances. These are long black leggings or pants, and a long-sleeved black top.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Creative Arts Coordinator - Mrs Nicole Conway