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Course - Commerce

As participants in the commercial environment, individuals assume various roles such as producer, consumer, worker, owner, manager, unionist and taxpayer. A study of Commerce may be undertaken as a 100-hour or 200-hour course and guides students towards an understanding of Australia’s changing commercial environment. It will enable them to be better informed and to participate responsibly in that environment. The Commerce syllabus is a very practical course that equips students with skills and knowledge for modern living.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


What is Commerce?

Commerce examines how people earn their income, how they spend their money, and how and what goods and services are produced. It also investigates the ways in which Governments and the law influence people’s commercial behaviour. 

Why study Commerce in Years 9 and 10?

Commerce gives students a taste of Senior (Year 11 and 12) subjects including:

  • Business Studies
  • Legal Studies 
  • Economics

Undertaking the Commerce course will give you a better understanding of:

  • Making financial and commercial decisions
  • Gaining employment
  • Australia’s democratic and legal systems
  • The basics of the economy
What topics are covered in Commerce?

Core Topics include:

  • Consumer and Financial Decisions
  • Employment and Work Futures
  • The Economic and Business environment
  • Law, Society and Political Involvement

Optional Topics include:

  • Running a Business
  • Promoting and Selling
  • Travel
  • Law in Action
  • Investing
  • Our Economy
  • Towards Independence
What are the types of assessments?
  • Research assignments
  • Tests
  • Extended responses (in-class and take home)
  • Group Assignment (Market Day)
  • Creative tasks
Are there any excursions?

Typically, there is one excursion in Year 9 and one in Year 10. Whilst we were unable to attend excursions last year due to Covid-19, in 2019 the following excursions took place.

  • Year 9 – Luna Park – to coincide the topic of Running a Business
  • Year 10 – Police and Justice Museum and NSW Parliament – to coincide with the topic Law, Society and Political Involvement

If you have further questions, please contact:
HSIE Coordinator - Mr Anthony Pollard