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Course - Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology is a practical course which allows students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills which enable them to contribute positively to their local community. The syllabus provides scope for students to explore the many and varied career opportunities in agriculture and its related service industries, whilst preparing them for their lives as global citizens. We explore production chains, where food comes from and develop a basis for informed consumer choices. Agricultural Technology also provides students with an opportunity to experience aspects of an agricultural lifestyle through direct contact with plants, animals and a variety of outside activities. 

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Why should I choose agriculture?
  • Like caring for animals
  • Like growing things
  • Like lots of practical work
  • Care for the environment
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty
  • Lots of field trips
  • Like getting out of the classroom
  • Keen to be active
We live in the city, isn’t Agriculture for people in the country?

No, there is a going desire for people in the city to connect more with the food they eat, eat more organic food and have fresh produce. Community gardens are helping people in the city develop relationships in the local community and share with those in need. Also as the world’s population increases we need people to develop technologies so we can feed more people with increasingly less farmland.

Is Agriculture a Science?

Yes it is. We undertake scientific experiments on the growth of plants and animals and investigate technologies to do with food production and sustainability.

Does agriculture have an environmental focus?

Definitely! The goal in every unit of work is how can we as humans do essential services that are sustainable.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Science Coordinator - Mr Michael Green