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Mr Bill Rusin joined Covenant in 2007 after many years at Tyndale Christian School in Sydney.

Catch up with Bill at Café Covie, at the front gate, on a Monday morning from 9am to 10am in his office or make an appointment through the School Office. As a Parent Controlled Christian School we want to partner with you in the nurture of your children.

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Transforming Education Conference

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Welcome to Term 3 at Covenant Christian School. I hope this term will be a time of excitement and energy as a community.
In the middle week of the school holidays, a number of staff members travelled to Darwin for an International Conference on Christian Education. It was both inspiring and challenging as we look at what we do at Covenant in the future.

We were humbled by the stories that are coming out of Africa and Asia and the rapid growth of the church in the world, described by renowned speaker, Os Guinness, as the ‘global south’.  We were challenged by the fact that the global south is now much larger than the ‘global north’, which is the term used to describe developed countries including Australia, and that this area of the church will continue to grow. Leaders of the global south church are asking those in the global north to help them grow into their role as the leaders of the church in the future by sharing what we have learnt, and by helping them not to fall into the same traps that the global north have. What Os Guinness was referring to was the very good initiatives that came about as a result of the work of the church such as the scientific revolution, our western justice system, approaches to government and social justice in some places, and our development of rational thinking in many areas of life. His assertion is that the western church has been shaped by our own thinking in these areas of life to the point where what was once a good gift of God, has now usurped the place of God and become an idol.

He referred to the general unhealthy state of the church in many parts of the global north as evidenced by a lack of kingdom growth. The leaders of the African Church in particular see Christian schooling as an integral part of that process as they try to move their people from their other influences such as animism. It reminded me of the passion for Christian schooling of those who started our schools. Whilst our underlying issues do not include animism, our potential idolatries include materialism, consumerism and individualism.

The size of the Christian school movement is enormous, both in Africa and India. Africa has about 15,000 Christian schools, whilst India has over twice that number. We ought to be thankful for their growth, and to help them to grow into vibrant Christian communities, ready to transform their cultures for the sake of Christ as we seek to do the same in Australia.

I would like to remind you that Monday mornings are still a time for you to drop in to have a chat with me without an appointment. I look forward to what God will do through, in and with our school community this term.

Mr Bill Rusin
Covenant Christian School Sydney