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We want each child to know
What Matters

At Covenant, we want each child should know that they are loved and valued because of all Jesus has done.

At Covenant, Christian faith and the school’s vision and mission matter to us. They inform everything we do. The way we teach, our policies, the biblical grounding of content and practices, and the desire for academic rigour all stem from being a Christian school. Students are nurtured as the school works together with their parents to bring them up to live for God’s glory.

Introducing children to a Christ-centred education at an early age forms solid foundations that will last a lifetime. This is why Covenant offers a nurturing Christian learning environment from Prep to Year 12. Children will not only receive a quality education but will feel free to express and enhance their faith in a nurturing, secure community, and this matters to us.

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“Starting children in Christian education in their early schooling life makes a big difference”
Mr Tony Deenick, former Principal of Covenant

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