Staff Directory

Who to contact at Covenant

All staff at Covenant Christian School are practicing Christians. They are members of over 30 different churches. We strongly encourage parents to seek help from staff sooner rather than later. If you are unsure if you should or not, please do make contact. We would rather know about less significant issues than miss out on those that need dealing with quickly. 

  • General bus behaviour and incidents - Mrs Chris O’Sullivan or Mr Wayne Morton.
  • Issues involving particular areas of the school:
    Mrs Jenn Dykstra - Infants, Mr Wayne Morton - Years 3 and 4, Mr Mark Eatough - Years 5 and 6, Miss Cath Rose - Year 7, Mrs Gaby Smith - Year 8, Mrs Louise Gardner - Year 9, Mr Mark Childs -Year 10, Mr Daniel Apin - Years 11, Mr Max Monin - Year 12.
  • Counselling - Mrs Deb Redwood or Mr Richard Grey.
  • General discipline matters - Mr Wayne Morton (Junior School) or Mrs Chris O’Sullivan (Secondary School). 
Meet the Executive Team

Mr Bill Rusin - PrincipalMrs Chris O'Sullivan - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care (7-12) and Languages CoordinatorMr Wayne Morton - Deputy Principal Junior SchoolMr Pete Muddle - Deputy Principal Curriculum (7-12)
Mr Jay Trevaskis - Director of Teaching and Learning (DOTAL)Mr Dave Youl - Computer Studies Coordinator, Director of ICTMr Andrew Lowry - Business ManagerMrs Wendy Boase - Registrar
To check staff member details the table below can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Click on first name for more information. The preferred method of contact is to call the School Office on (02) 9450 2688,  ask to be put through (if available), or to leave a message.

First Name Last Name Class Role
Alexis Tripet K - 6 Teacher
Alison Vander Straaten TB6 Geography, Business Studies
Alison Wheatley 7-12 Teacher Social Science
Amanda Drain K-6 Teacher
Andrew Lowry Office Business Manager
Anita Willemse Office Assistant
Anthony Pollard L7 Social Science Coordinator, Geography, Legal Studies, Commerce, Business Studies, Society & Culture
Barry Lowe Maintenance
Beck McCausland Office Office Assistant, Dance Academy Administration
Bel Ritchie Risk Compliance Administrator
Ben Cochrane 7-12 Teacher PDHPE
Bill Rusin Principal
Brad Hall Barista - Café Covie
Brenda Wye Laboratory Technician
Caroline Kilby Photographer, Community & Events
Cate Holman K-6 Teacher
Cath Rose W6 Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator, Visual Arts, Secondary Student Council
Celeste Shackleton Alumni Administrator
Chris O'Sullivan L4 Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care (7-12) and Languages Coordinator, Distance Education
Christianne Kohlhoff Music K-3 (Junior School)
Christy Hall Maintenance Assistant, Library Assistant
Daniel Apin A7 Mathematics
David Youl L2 Computing Studies Coordinator, Director of ICT, IPT, IST
David Tatzenko W2 Year 7 Pastoral Care Assistant, Mathematics, Assembly Music Team
Deb Redwood Counsellor, Chaplain, 40 Hour Famine
Del Hayman Office Manager
Donna Kane K - 12 Sports Administrator
Dylan Richardson 7 - 12 Teacher Languages
Elisabeth Murray Ed Support
Elizabeth van Oyen K - 6 Teacher
Emma Solomon Teacher Librarian (Secondary)
Emma Collins TB8 Science, Biology
Fiona Butler W7 Science, Biology, Sport
Gaby Smith L8 Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinator, English, Studies of Religion
Gail Ecob Canteen Manager
Georgia Carnell 7-12 Teacher PDHPE
Geraldine Lian Design & Technology, Textiles & Design
Grant Booth AV/ICT Support Technician
Hayley Jacobs 5YS Primary Teacher
Heather Pitt L2 Drama
Heidi Stead 1S Curriculum Coordinator PS - 6
Ilana Shaw IPT, IST, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Jacqueline Alldis K - 6 Teacher
Jane Bickell 3B K-6 Teacher
Janine Wright 7-12 Teacher Science, Physics
Janneke Burton L4 ESL, Education Support
Jason Marriott Biblical Studies Coordinator
Jay Trevaskis Director Teaching and Learning
Jaycie Wood Office Assistant - Student Reception
Jenn Dykstra KD Infants Coordinator
Jennie Pienaar Social Science
Jennifer Staj W5 Mathematics
Jessica Russell K - 6 Teacher
Jessica Verzosa Dance Academy Senior Teacher
Jim Wright A1 7-12 Teacher Science, Chemistry, Aylward House Patron
John Hill TB4 History & Biblical Studies Coordinator, History, Ancient History, Biblical Studies, Ten Boom House Patron
Jonathan Russell K - 6 Teacher
Julia Wiltshire A2 Visual Arts, Design & Technology
Julie Pond Teachers' Aide (Visual Arts, Careers, English, History, Social Science, PDHPE)
Justina Lowe ICT Support
Karen Auckett Office Executive Assistant to Bill Rusin & Board
Kate Lowry Preschool Preschool Teacher's Aide
Kate O'Connor English
Kathy Freestone PASS, PDHPE, Sport
Kathy McLean Teacher's Aide Preschool
Katrina Carter L1 Dance, CCS Dance Academy
Katrina Horsley TB7 English Coordinator, English
Kerry Rusin Library Assistant
Kitty Au-Yeung Office Uniform Shop Manager
Kylie Sheehan Education Support Aide (Junior School)
Lesley Bennett L4 Education Support Coordinator K-12
Lisa McDonald Geography
Lisa Bristow Registrar Office Assistant
Logan Wakeford TB1 PDHPE, SLR, Ten Boom House Patron
Louise George 7-12 Teacher Languages
Louise Gardner A8 English
Luke Robinson TB5 Design & Technology, Industrial Technology
Lynn Irving Sick Bay Nurse
Lynne Butler Education Support, Sound & Lighting
Mairwen Chapman History, Biblical Studies
Marianne Morton Visual Arts, Relief teacher (Junior School)
Mark Eatough 6E Primary Teacher, Year 5/6 Coordinator
Mark Childs A6 Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator, English, History
Max Monin A3 Year 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator, Mathematics, Yarrabah Trip Coordinator
Melissa Lowe TAS Aide
Michael Street L1 History
Michael Green Science Coordinator, Science, Biology
Michelle Rogers W3 Food Technology, Hospitality, Design & Technology
Michelle Mucci Mainly Music Coordinator (Volunteer)
Miriam (Mim) Engelbrecht L6 Secondary Music Teacher, Year 4 & 5 Bands
Murray James Secondary Teacher, Music
Natalie Nicholson 7 - 12 Teacher Mathematics
Natalie Zinsli W1 Mathematics
Neil Pierson Office Marketing & Promotions,Website
Nerolie Dykman 2D Infants
Nicholas Williams 7-12 Teacher TAS Coordinator
Nicole Conway A4 Creative Arts Coordinator, Music, Junior Band, Senior Band, Secondary Choir
Pam Stephens Preschool Preschool
Paula Cassidy Accounts Payable Officer
Penny Hunter Laboratory Technician
Peter Muddle W8 Deputy Principal, Curriculum (7-12), Mathematiics, Distance Education
Ping Chen Barista - Cafe Covie / PeaceWise Hub
Rachel Youl Secondary Administration Assistant
Rachel Purcell L4 & L5 Education Support, Maths, PDHPE
Rachel Young 5YS Primary Teacher
Rebecca Stanwell 7 - 12 Teacher Mathematics
Rebecca Monin 5HM Primary Teacher
Richard Grey Science, Student Counselling
Richelle Watkins KW Infants Teacher
Robyn O'Donoghue Library Assistant
Robyn Watson Teacher Librarian (Junior School)
Ruth Swadling Teachers' Aide (Junior School)
Ruth-Mary Smith 1SM Infants Teacher, Education Support (Junior School)
Sally Rofe Teacher's Aide
Sally Antcliff Sick Bay School Nurse
Samantha Burrell 2B Infants Teacher
Samantha Glassock Extension & Enrichment Coordinator
Samantha Osborne IT Support
Sarah Ryan School Association Coordinator
Sharon Jewell Office Assistant – Parent Reception
Silva Mekerdichian W3 Maths Coordinator, Maths
Sophie Graham TB2 History
Stephanie Henderson W8 English
Sunnie Wong Accountant
Susana Heinrich Teachers Aide
Suzanne Shaw Office Administration
Suzanne Bennett Office Café Covie, Community & Events
Tanya Hammond Primary PE/Sport & Secondary Sport, Yarrabah Coordinator
Therese Hajakian Office Office / Finance Assistant
Tim Groves 3G Primary Teacher
Tim Smithies TB6 Director of School Administration, History, Biblical Studies
Tim Stanwell 4T Primary Teacher, Extension and Enrichment
Vanessa Stuckings Teacher Infants, ESL
Vanessa Post Library Assistant
Vicki Ming Preschool Preschool Teacher
Wayne Morton Deputy Principal, Junior School, JS Student Council
Wendy Boase Office Registrar
Wendy Gilbert Careers Adviser