The Covie App

Download the new Covie App today to get access to up-to-date, personalised content that is relevant to you and your family.


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The Covie App

The new way to connect with Covenant.

All Covenant parents are encouraged to download the Covie App to stay up to date with the latest information that's relevant to you and your child.

Getting Started

1. Download the App - click on the relevant link below or search for ‘Covenant Christian School’ in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Apple App Store iOS
Google play

2. Login - Open the App and you will be asked to sign in - simply use your Edumate Parent Portal login.

3. Notifications - to get the most out of the App, and so Covenant can send crucial, timely information, it is recommended to ‘Allow’ notifications. You can select notifications under 'Settings' on the App.

4. Security - we recommend enabling ‘Touch ID’ or ‘Face ID’ to add an extra layer of security to the App. View 'Settings' on the app to set this up.

How to get the most out of the Covie App


The new Covie App allows you to approve absences from your mobile. You no longer need to email or call the school or send in a note. 

At approximately 5.00pm* on the day your child is absent, you will receive a notification (providing you've enabled notifications) asking you to provide an explanation for the absence. Once you've opened the App, click on the Absences button and select the applicable child who has been absent (see third screen below). Click 'Submit absence explanation' and select the date of absence, then select a reason for the absence from the drop down menu. You will also need to provide a simple explanation. Click submit. 

Only ONE parent needs to submit an absence (even though both parents will receive the notification via the App). 

Applications for extended periods of leave are still required and are available here

*This allows for any anomalies and ensures roll accuracy.


The new Covie App will notify you when a new issue of the Newsletter is available to read (providing push notifications are allowed). You can simply click on the notification which will take you into the App. From there click on 'Newsletter' - it will have a red circle in the top right corner to show an new issue is available.  

The Newsletter button on the App also allows you to access the Newsletter at any time from your mobile phone. You will be able to view past issues there. 

Download the Covie App Guide for more information on features and what to expect to find on the app.

Covie App Guide


If you are having trouble installing or logging into the App, please contact Techserve -