Year 3 and 4 Sleepover 2018

Year 3 were asked to write their best memories of the Year 3 and 4 ‘sleepover’. Here are some of..

2018 Primary CSSA State Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to Marcella Leung, Eva Greenwell and Noah Lawton who represented Covenant in the..

What's happening in the Junior School Library 2018

We asked Mrs Watson, our Junior School Teacher Librarian, to put down her joke book and tell us ..

Primary Zone Swimming Carnival 2018

On Tuesday 27 February, 40 of our Primary School students represented Covenant at the Primary Zo..

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2018

We had a wonderful day yesterday sailing, rope climbing and building rafts to float in the pool...

Primary Swimming Carnival 2018

The first day of school started with a splash for our Year 3-6 students at the Primary Swimming ..

Year 6 Book Launch 2017

Year 6 are challenged with creating a book as part of their Library studies. The brief is to wr..

Graduation for Year 6 2017

On Wednesday 6 December the Year 6 students celebrated their graduation from Junior School. It ..

Christmas Assembly 2017

On Tuesday the whole school assembled to celebrate the birth of Jesus at the Christmas Assembly...

New Jelly Wobbles perform for Junior School

This week, the Junior School were excited to welcome the new generation of Jelly Wobbles compris..

Junior Band perform at morning lines

Before school starts on a Friday morning, the Junior Band assemble in the PAS (Performing Art Sp..

Surf Awareness Day educational and fun for Year 6 2017

Last Friday, 17 November, Year 6 went to the beach to learn about life saving. We travelled on a..

ICAS English Competition Results 2017

Throughout the year, Junior School students have the option of entering the ICAS UNSW Competitio..

Year 5 Solar system models used as a teaching tool for Year 2

Year 5 made solar system models that had to show what a day is, what a month is and what a year ..

Fun and innovation at Year 6 Community Day 2017

For those of you who don’t know, Community Day is a market set up by the Year 6 students every y..

Year 5 Gold Rush debate

The teachers gave us a task of studying the Gold Rush and wanted us to find who had it toughest ..

Eagle Tag Gala Day 2017

On Thursday 2 November, around 55 students gathered at Lionel Watts Park for the Warringah Zone ..

Junior School Basketball Gala Day 2017

The Junior School Basketball Gala Day was a great experience for both the girls and boys team. U..