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Information to start 2020

In order to assist parents, we have created a central place for all the relevant information, policies and forms you need to know, particularly for new families and students.

Absences - A Government Requirement
Absence Notes

It is a requirement that within seven days of a student absence, a parent/guardian provide an explanation for an absence.  note of explanation. We prefer that the absence note be printed off and handed in. However, an email to admin@covenant.nsw.edu.au or a signed handwritten note stating the dates and reason for the absence can be sent to the School Office as an acceptable form of notification. 

Arriving Late/Leaving Early

If a student arrives at school late or is to leave early, a note must also be provided. The only exception to this is if the lateness is due to a bus running late. Secondary students must sign in and out via Student Reception and hand their note in to the School Office. 

Application for Extended leave

If you plan on taking your child out of school for an extended period of time, an Application for Extended Leave - Travel 5 days or more is required. Please give as much notice as you can regarding this leave. This form should be submitted to the School Office for approval. The school reserves the right to decline the request if, in the opinion of the school, the request will be significantly detrimental to the child's education. Secondary students will be required to catch up on class work and will need to arrange this with their subject teacher prior to leaving. 

Edumate Parent Portal

Every parent is automatically issued a login for the Edumate Parent Portal. Parents will receive this via email, typically during Week 1. An important element of the portal is that parents have the ability (and responsibility) to update your own personal details (e.g. phone, address, email) and your child's details, including medical details and emergency contact information, directly in Edumate. It is most important that each individual parent logs into the portal to ensure that their own details and each of your children are correct. If any of these details change during the year, they need to be updated immediately. 

Please note the portal is not optimised for use on mobile devices. You will need to use a PC or Laptop device in order to access the portal.

If you have any questions, or difficulty accessing the portal, please contact TechServe via the School Office

Mobile phones

Students should only use mobile phones before they arrive at school or after school finishes. Please do not contact your child via mobile phone in school hours. All communication must go via the School Office. 


The newsletter is published and emailed to parents during term time. It is a vital means of communication between school and home. 

The newsletter can also be accessed from our website. If you do not receive a newsletter in Week 1, please contact newsletter@covenant.nsw.edu.au to advise us. 

Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) encourages parents to be involved in the life of the school community. Each family with students from Kindergarten to Year 12 pays a Maintenance Levy that is waived when parents complete 24 hours of volunteer work in a year. 

Parking inside the school

The parking area inside the school is not to be used by parents between 8.15am and 3.20pm unless picking up a child from Sick Bay. 

Return to school dates
  • Prep 2 day | Tuesday 28 January 2020
  • Prep 3 day | Wednesday 29 January 2020
  • Kindergarten | Wednesday 29 January 2020
  • Year 1-12 | Tuesday 28 January 2020

Students are not to bring skateboards to school. 

Standard Information Collection Form

The Standard Information Collection Form advises you how the information you give us will be used. 

Volunteer Code of Conduct

All volunteers are expected to sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct form to ensure the safety of all members of the school community. This must be completed each year if you are helping at school, on school excursions or event.