Sport for Schools Dockets to help Deniliquin Christian School

Date Posted: 02-Nov-2010

Coles supermarkets ran a program to help schools receive sports equipment. As a school community, Covenant is blessed to have great facilities and resources for sport. Mr Rusin and Mr Trevaskis decided to take part in the program in order to help a much smaller Christian school in Deniliquin. This school is a member of Christian Education National but lacks many of the resources we may take for granted.

This week Covenant posted to Deniliquin over 4 kilograms of Coles dockets - well over 2,000 dockets.

Thank you to all the parents and friends who have helped Covenant serve another school in this very practical way.

This is a great initiative and typical of Covenant’s vision and generosity.

Ken Dickens
Chief Executive Officer
Christian Education National

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Kate Cann commented on 12-Nov-2010 06:46 PM
Today I delivered our heavy box of Sports Vouchers to our local Coles store. We had been collecting them as well, and had great support from other families in our local churches and community. I lifted the box into the trolley and the staff member at Coles commented on the weight and that we must have collected a lot. I smiled and simply said "we have a lot of friends...."
Once we have our tally, we will let you know the result. The support of Covenant Christian School staff and families has been such a blessing to us. Our families were amazed when I put in our Newsletter that Covenant was collecting vouchers for us!!!! So, on behalf, of Deniliquin Christian School...THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!! Kate Cann. Deniliquin.

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