Lockdown practice

Date Posted: 24-Jun-2009

Today we practiced our school's LOCKDOWN procedure. Staff and students were alerted of the lockdown by a siren and an announcement via the intercom “This is a lockdown – go into lockdown”. Two levels of alerts were practiced, one with children sitting on the floor, and another where they were to go under their desks.

The siren for a lock down is - Siren rings 3 times then pauses. Siren rings 3 times then pauses.  Continues for long period

The following procedures should be followed:
1.    Outside doors and windows to be locked immediately.
2.    Class rolls should be called.
3.    If any individual students are visiting other rooms at time of lockdown, teachers should inform administration via mobile phones or email if possible.
4.    All blinds are to be lowered where possible.
5.    Students are to be kept calm at all times.
6.    Teachers are asked to switch on personal mobile phones and emails where possible.
7.    Teachers will be kept informed by mobile phones or emails where and as appropriate.

When there is a lockdown emergency, such as a violent storm, police in the school grounds, chemical or gas leak etc, no student is to be released from their classroom to go to the toilet or to attend specialty classes etc until the ALL CLEAR message from the Principal or Deputy Principal is received. Children are to remain in their room with a teacher at all times.

At all times students attending specialty classes are to remain in the rooms with their specialist teachers until the ALL CLEAR message from the Principal or Deputy Principal is received.

In the event of an extreme emergency occurring whilst the children are in the playground, (ie a windstorm, violent electrical storm etc) the siren will be sounded as for lockdown procedures. Students should make their way immediately to their classrooms in an orderly manner. Teachers are to proceed to their classrooms and supervise until the emergency is over. This will be signified by a single bell at the next regular break (Recess or Lunch; end of Recess or Lunch).

If the emergency still exists at the end of Recess or Lunch, lockdown will be rung again and the lockdown will continue until notified by the Principal or School Bell.

Information regarding a lockdown will be communicated to parents via the Principal once the threat has abated.

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lazy person commented on 27-Jun-2009 06:28 PM
lol our home class is in the food tec room and we had no idea what was happening so we just ignored the bell and ate potato wedges
Laura Saler commented on 27-Jun-2009 09:56 PM
hahahahaha trust the little kids to be full on excited, having a ball under their improvised cubby houses!!
naomi commented on 30-Jun-2009 08:26 PM
our home class was in G1 computer-room and couldn't get under the desks so we hid in the corner of the room and after all we didn't turn of the lights!!!

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