Hope Live Radio Broadcast a wonderful success

Date Posted: 07-Aug-2009

Wow what a morning. It was a perfect day and venue for Sydney's Christian Radio Station's Hope 103.2's Live Outdoor Broadcast. The atmosphere at Covenant Christian School Belrose was wonderful.

The jumping castle was kept busy all morning. The free coffee was very popular. The free cupcakes from Heavensent Desserts were wonderful and continued Covenant's tradition of cupcakes started by our first teacher Jan Bridges. World Vision signed up lots more people for the 40 Hour Famine. Auskick taught ball skills. It was a lot of fun.

For those who missed the action - or just want to relive it enjoy these photos and videos.

Aaron and Dan interviewed Covenant's Principal Mr Bill Rusin

Teacher versus Student live radio quiz

Reading the Weather

Yarrabah Mission Trip Interview

Junior School Interview

You can listen to the whole audio of the morning on the Hope 103.2 website.

Plus here is an overview video by Mr Smithies with backing track of Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace sung by the Year 3 and Year 4 choir.

(Share this webpage with everyone who you asked to vote - http://www.tinyurl.com/hope1032 )

Manly Daily article Saturday August 8 page 11

Here are some photos from the morning.

5.30am and it's taking shapePeta Year 7 very first student to arriveHeavensent Desserts setting upSome of the early risers
Neil Pierson with Aaron and DanDan with a Kindy fan SarahSunrise over CovenantHand stand competition for a Hope cap
Hand stand competition for a Hope cap - well done JoshWorld Vision setting up - they had a great responseJesus Racing CarDan and Fans
Dan and fansAaron, Mr Rusin and Dan before Mr Rusin's interviewThe crowds start to arriveInterviewing Principal Mr Rusin
Dan and FansAndrew Fishtail Fisher being interviewedFun at the jumping castleStudent vs Teacher Quiz
Student vs Teacher QuizHeavensent Desserts were extremely popular with their free gluten free treatsAndrew Fishtail Fisher signing postersHope's Lauren Foley busy giving things away!!
Reading the weather at 8.04amYarrabah Mission Trippers interviewedPart of the World Vision TeamThe lines grow for the jumping castle
Auskick actionThe crowds as school buses arriveA great morning for parents to catch upAuskick interview
Dan shows off his kicking skillsMore Auskick actionJumping castle was popular all morningMr Morton and Cassie interview
Sharing her story about helping in UgandaYear 3 and 4 choir singing Chris Tomlin's Amazing GraceYear 11 music studentsYear 11 music students
Year 3 and Year 4 choirYear 3 and Year 4 choirAaron and Dan with fansAaron and Dan with fans
Jumping castle fun - what a great start to the day!

More new photos from Hope 103.2 photographer...

Listen here to the 25 second invite which Hope 103.2 played on the radio for the four days leading up to the Live Broadcast

If you missed some of the story behind the live radio broadcast catch up on the news...
1. Check out the Press Release, announcement of winner and original video entry at Hope 103.2 Radio Competition
2. Read over 130 comments, plus listen to an interview with staff and students on the original Hope 103.2 blogpost when we entered the competition

I am sure to  miss some people but here are just a few thank you's...

    1. * Our school founders who so believed in the vision of a Christian School that they dared to start our school
    2. * The students and staff who helped with our competition entry video and photos
    3. * Rich & Jesse Fowler for their hours of editing the entry video
    4. * Chris Pierson for editing the radio interviews and adding photos for uploading to YouTube
    5. * Everyone who voted and encouraged others to vote to make this day happen
    6. * Mrs McQueen the Queen of Cupcakes even when not at work - both for our entry and for today
    7. * The parents who cooked up extra cupcakes to share today
    8. * Sandra Goodwin of Heavensent Desserts - for 400 free mini muffins
    9. * Mr Theobald and his team for designing and building the Colosseum Amphitheatre - it was an IDEAL venue
    10. * Gary Bourke - arranging power for the coffee machines
    11. * Our cleaners Tony, Sally and family for making the school look great
    12. * Mr Lowry for being at school at 5am on the day of a School Census and taking LOTS of photos
    13. * Mrs Bennett for her passion in building Community at Covenant 
    14. * Mrs Staples, Mrs Conway with Year 3 & 4 choir and Year 11 music students singing Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace - there were a few moist eyes!
    15. * All our teachers who did playground duty even if it meant missing the action
    16. * The parents who got up and out of the house earlier with kids so they could be here
    17. * Jesse Fowler for videoing the event on Mr Smithies camera
    18. * Mr Smithies for his fantastic work with editing the video
    19. * Mr Smithies and the Student Council for cooking bacon and egg muffins and raising $700 to bring some Aboriginal kids from Yarrabah Qld down to Sydney - brilliant work
    20. * The students and staff who were willing to be interviewed live on radio - and may have lost sleep over it
    21. * Everyone who turned up to make the day special - even some Year 12 students who were off on a Study Day for their trials
  • Thank you to the Hope 103.2 Team - Aaron, Dan, Lauren, Derek, Tom and Steve - a great pleasure to work with you all. We would love to do it all again!

Thanks also to Auskick, World Vision 40 Hour Famine team, Caffe Migliore, Jumping J-Jays and Dean the stage builder.

Peta Bilton from Year 7 won the prize for being the first student to arrive!!

Well done and thank you to the whole school community. You should be proud of your school.

Add your comments below.

What a great day.

Neil Pierson
Storyteller - Marketing & Promotions
Covenant Christian School Sydney - well worth a closer look!!

Want to take a closer look at Covenant Christian School? Arrange a School Tour. Ask for a copy of our 8 minute Free School Tour on DVD. You can watch a one minute version of the School Tour on DVD below.

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Naomi commented on 07-Aug-2009 05:37 PM
PS: Year 7 loved the castle!
Megan Ting commented on 07-Aug-2009 09:39 PM
It was the best day ever. The school should do this more often
Dione commented on 08-Aug-2009 08:45 PM
My 2 boys, Jordan and Connor Schoeman and I listened to this! I even voted for Covie - how could I not when we still love the school!

It was a wonderful competition/idea. Wonderfully executed. It was awesome to hear voices of those people we loved from our time there, especially Charlie and Mr Morton!

Well done to all concerned!

Dione, Jordan & Connor Schoeman

mario cheng commented on 10-Aug-2009 11:35 AM
wow peta was there sooooooooo early! it looks really dark!
Peta Bilton commented on 10-Aug-2009 11:46 AM
I had fun..............um...getting up early.........this is pretty random
Anonymous commented on 10-Aug-2009 11:47 AM
judith commented on 12-Aug-2009 05:15 PM
peta doesn't sleep in!!! year 7s rule!!!and come to mission impossible!!!!camp11-13 september ask me
aimee commented on 12-Aug-2009 07:55 PM

i was the coolest
i hi fived aaron
and the jumpin castle was FUN !!!!!!!
like only year 7s have commented
judith commented on 14-Aug-2009 04:35 PM
lol...................i missed the worst subject on the face of the planet MATHS!!!!!jokes
yay commented on 14-Aug-2009 08:27 PM

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