Colin Buchanan Concert 2011 at Covenant

Date Posted: 18-Oct-2011

Popular children's entertainer, songwriter and all round good bloke Colin Buchanan returned to Covenant Christian School in Belrose Sydney for his third annual concert on the Northern Beaches.

On Wednesday 5 October 2011 the School Hall at Covenant was a colourful celebration of Jesus, family and kids. Colin's new show 'God Rock' was hilarious complete with special guest Nudge and brand new inflating chef suit. One family who travelled over an hour to come to the concert was welcomed onto stage for the Dad to be dressed in the armour of God. Colin also spent over an hour after the show greeting children and signing merchandise.

Our Cafe Covie was open before and after the concert serving great coffee and snacks. Covenant also provided free entertainment and games before and after the concert. Miss Fruitcake led a huge number of kids and their parents on a Treasure Hunt to the Infants Area of the school. It was a lot of fun as well as a great excuse for visitors to see oure wonderful facility and playground.

Thanks to Colin Buchanan, KoorongMiss Fruitcake and Cafe Covie for another great day. It was well worthwhile! (2013 Concert)

Enjoy some Highlights from Colin Buchanan Concert


Enjoy lots of photos.

Colin Buchanan God Rock Concert 2011

Colin Buchanan greeting and signing

Pre-Show, After-Show Entertainment and Cafe Covie

Listen to the 30 second advert we had promoting the Colin Buchanan Concert  on Sydney's Hope 103.2 radio station.

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Attached are posters which were distributed to local Preschools and Churches.

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